Tips from the Chicago Steak Company for Buying Beef

The Chicago Steak Company is one of the top prime companies that offer some of the best steaks from the finest raised cattle in the country. Additionally, they are highly-skilled in the art of acknowledging whether your beef is good or not, as well as how to purchase the right cuts. This company realizes that too many people have problems with buying the right kind of meat, so they have answered a few questions that most people ask commonly.

1. How do you choose a nice piece of meat?

The desire for a good steak is one that you have to satiate. Before going to the store, follow some advice from the Chicago Steak Company to choose your meat:

  • Pay attention to the color of the meat: it should be shiny. The veal, on the other hand, must be pink. Pork should be pink and pearly and lamb should be bright pink and shiny.
  • Good meat shouldn’t be sticky or dry.
  • Good meat should be tender.
  • Choose certified meats that meet specific quality and traceability criteria.

2. Choosing the right beef

Everything that the cow provides is usually utilized, but it all depends on the pieces when it comes to choosing the right beef for your needs.

At the time of purchase, the beef should be a bright red. Then, your choice will depend on your culinary project: rib dish, chuck, collar, etc. The front parts are all the pieces reserved for stew or dishes in sauce, which we cook boiled or braised. The cooking is slow to achieve a maximum of fondant.

As for the high quality pieces (located at the back) such as rump steak, flank steak, entrecote, sirloin or even tenderloin, they require a short and lively cooking, to be tasted rare.

Take the entrecote out 1 hour in advance so that it is at room temperature. Prepare the embers with vine branches. Sear the entrecote (very thick, at least 5 cm) on the grill for 5 minutes on each side. Place it in a dish, add the raw shallots, a turn of the mill and cover with aluminum foil for 5 min. The juice flavored with the vine shoots will come out… a delight for all lovers of good meat!

3. Everything is good in the pig!

Grilled, roasted, or braised in a pan, in a casserole, or even in the oven – everything that comes from the pig is usually utilized. Pork is an easy to cook meat that adapts to all tastes and all cooking methods.

Pieces such as ribs are best cooked in a pan; while larger parts like the paddle, loin roast, etc. prefer the oven or casserole.

One of the keys to enjoying yourself is the seasoning that enhances its taste. Garlic, thyme, bay leaf, white wine, candied shallots, lemon, prunes or honey, treat yourself!

Finally, so that its meat remains tender and juicy and tasty, it should be cooked slowly over moderate heat.

4. Recognize a beautiful piece of veal.

Veal is a meat appreciated for its diversity. The veal steaks at Chicago Steak Company are excellent. You will particularly like its softness and delicacy it offers throughout the year. Ribs, square, shank, quasi, cutlets, tendon, breast…there are many pieces, so you can enjoy them accordingly!

When purchased, the veal must have a tight grain, be of a beautiful pale pink color and with a firm fat of a satin white.

5. Knowing how to choose your piece of lamb

In store, let yourself be tempted by a beautiful piece of bright pink and shiny lamb. Lamb has many choice pieces: leg, shoulder, rack, saddle, hazelnut, tenderloin, baron – all of which require a rosy cooking.

We can distinguish slow cooking pieces intended for stews, tagines, couscous, and many others.

Lamb simply flavored with aromatic herbs – basil, thyme, rosemary, sage – with condiments – mustard, garlic, lemon… is a real delight for the taste buds!

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