Why Alexis Parcells Is Dedicated to Her Mission of Empowering Women

Being passionate about a career path is one thing, but being fully devoted to a cause as much as Alexis Parcells is to women’s empowerment is on another level. Dr. Parcells is a board-certified plastic surgeon who owns her own skincare studio, volunteers as a board member for several breast cancer organizations, and contributes to plastic surgery education as a clinical instructor.

In her practice, Dr. Parcells utilizes the most advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques to achieve the most natural, beautiful results for her patients. Sometimes surgery isn’t always the answer, and she is known to combines non-surgical procedures with or without surgery to obtain the best possible result for her patients.

Where most other plastic surgeons simply perform operations on their patients and send them on their way, Dr. Parcells puts an emphasis on educating and empowering her patients before, during, and after a procedure. She does this by giving them the most up-to-date information on products, services, and procedures so they can make the most informed decision on what’s best for their own body. She also supports her breast cancer patients, helping them restore a sense of femininity throughout the reconstructive process.

Dr. Parcells has come a long way in her career, and she credits her success to stepping out of her comfort zone. Once she became comfortable with being uncomfortable, her career skyrocketed and she began having fun living out her passion. She’s been more than willing to push against the traditional model of success as a professional, and models herself after powerhouses like Serena Williams, Sarah Blakely, and Reese Witherspoon.

While Dr. Parcells is thriving with her practice and her efforts to empower women and raise awareness around breast cancer, she’s certainly faced her share of challenges. She opened her practice in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and had to learn to build a business from scratch with no prior business experience.

The reason Dr. Parcells has had so much success in her practice so quickly is because of her attitude around changing the stigma of plastic surgery. She truly focuses her energy on empowering her patients, helping them not feel ashamed or guilty of their choice to have Botox treatment or a breast lift. Dr. Parcells believes it’s important for women to lift up other women to create a culture of positivity and self-love, and the success of her practice speaks volumes to that.

Now that her practice is well established in just the first few months of opening, she has plans to continue her mission of empowering women to be their best selves. Based on her track record, it’s clear that she’s already made a huge impact in a short amount of time.

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