Genevieve Pleasure helps her clients to use intimacy and sexuality as the blueprint for their destiny

Genevieve Pleasure is a woman who is deeply connected to herself and the feminine source of creative power.

A master of sexual energetics, an Erotic Blueprint Master Trainer, and a professionally trained intimacy coach is who Genevieve Pleasure is. She works one-on-one with high-level clients in removing the masculine or feminine paradigms that many of us have been cultured into.

Humble Beginnings

As a single mother, Genevieve would find herself working 50+ hour weeks and being exhausted and burned out all the time. Once she discovered the powers that sexual pleasures hold, she shifted her business to one that she loves doing every day and only working 25-hour weeks. She now makes more than double the income she once did and every year since this awakening, her income has increased significantly.

Genevieve developed this brilliant business strategy from her morning self-pleasure practice. This “doing” she says comes from her “Beingness”. Through this strategy and mastering it to the ‘T’, she teaches her high-end clients how to do it and they continually receive massive transformations. Because of these transformations that they have undergone, they have referred other persons allowing her to grow her business and achieve success.

Pleasure Is the Key

The act of reclaiming your pleasure is what many people avoid, simply because they are afraid or ashamed of it, but once it happens, it opens up a world of possibilities and they experience what Genevieve describes as pure magic. This pure magic state means that the body is always turned on, enhancing your instincts, which in turn make life fun again. Fear dissolved in this state of being, enabling her clients to take on business risks that become wildly fruitful.

For Genevieve, there is no difference between her and her clients; they are just hiding from their pleasure, which also means that they are hiding from their full potential and “Beingness” in the world. Once they tap into their pleasure, their reality changes instantly because they now know who they are and what they are about. Pleasure, therefore, aligns you to the fullness that life should bring.

Genevieve has developed a unique method of tapping into the highest levels of success through pleasure. It has brought prosperity to many of her clients’ businesses. She goes through something she terms as the Orgasmic Arc, which has 5 stages. The first stage is safety, followed by intrigue then directionality, which leads to openness and beingness, and finishes off with expression.

Genevieve Serves Clients of All Genders

Currently, Genevieve mostly has female clients, who then bring their husbands with them. She does not discriminate based on gender because her methods are not limited to a certain gender.

In her own words, Genevieve puts it perfectly, “Pleasure is full acceptance of the present moment, and it is for everybody”. She encourages everyone to come out of his or her comfort zone and try something new. No matter your history, what you have or where you are in life, your body is equipped to experience the degree of fully satisfying pleasure. It is the tool that will eliminate suffering and remind you of who you truly are.


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