Lessons, Accomplishments, and Legacy from Ronnie Flynn, Founder of Vuuzle Media

The entrepreneur’s journey is full of challenging and enlightening lessons. If paid attention to, these lessons can take your business to the next level. Entrepreneurs often gain interesting insights along the way, and many are eager to share to help others grow. Ronnie Flynn, Founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, is one entrepreneur who is willing to share his lessons and accomplishments to help inspire others.

Lessons from an Entrepreneur

Ronnie grew up in Compton and has had many challenges in his life. As an entrepreneur, he has learned that support is necessary for your business to thrive. “My best advice is to understand that nobody can do it all. I have learned it is better to find the right people for each job required to maintain a project while also trusting the people you hire to do the work you requested them to do. I feel that no micromanager will ever get the results they need until they let go and trust the staff to perform at the highest level. To be a winner is to be part of a team of professionals who all pulled their own weight and finished together while being humble and thankful to God.”

Accomplishments – Vuuzle Media Corp

For Ronnie, although he spent many years in the film industry, whether executive producing or financing films, he considers Vuuzle to be a great professional accomplishment. The company, which has been awarded as Verizon’s Brand Blazer for 2021, is making waves in the streaming industry. “Vuuzle TV technology is fresh and one of a kind. We are the future of TV. Vuuzle TV is the newest millennium technology to kill cable TV by using 5G. Vuuzle TV annihilates the competition by making all our services 100 percent free with no hidden catch.”

“We use artificial intelligence integrated with Verizon and its cam slicer technology to go live anywhere on the planet. We use our platform as connected to iris TV using their oracle cloud-based AI to verify our audience and advertise specific products to specific viewers 100 percent for free. Vuuzle TV is New TV free to air with a plethora of new and exciting content.”

Ronnie Flynn’s Thoughts on Legacy

Despite their accomplishments, most entrepreneurs hope to leave behind a legacy and an impact that is felt by those they’ve interacted with and, by extension, the rest of the world. Ronnie Flynn’s legacy is aimed at making a name by way of Vuuzle Media. “When all is said and done, I want the world to say that man revolutionized how film and TV are produced. He brought back quality TV and entertainment while ensuring he gave back to society, helping children, and saving animals. My impact on this world will be about how to laugh all the time and enjoy the world without letting negativity impact me whatsoever. My legacy is about faith and about believing in what people say is impossible and me overcoming those obstacles and nay Sayers and making it happen. Bottom line, I want to be known for as a winner who cared enough to care and worked enough to show that the impossible is possible.”

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