How Caroline Crowder’s Biggest Inspiration Has Guided Her to Success

Everyone has an inspiration in their life, and for Caroline Crowder, her grandmother is her hero. She has shown Caroline how to deal with setbacks with a positive attitude, and her positive spirit has given Caroline the confidence to get through anything life throws at her and spread joy in the world. Her grandmother is the most resilient, upbeat person she knows, and this has certainly rubbed off on Caroline.

After starting a travel blog in college and building an audience, Caroline began blogging and creating content on a daily basis. Her resiliency has also allowed her to launch her own social media consulting company, PSC Media. Since she’s gained so much experience in the industry and is tremendously skilled with content creation, she’s been able to provide massive value to the brands she’s consulted with. She works with clients on strategy calls, creates content calendars, and even puts them through accelerator programs to make sure their content stands out.

Not only has Caroline made a name for herself in the social media game, she is extremely passionate about what she does. She has a love for creating and thinking of new ideas, and will spend hours playing with edits on Lightroom and will follow YouTube tutorials to make adjustments on logos or website banners. She also spends a large part of her day going back and forth with companies over email, and attends events and conferences to meet others in the industry to grow her network.

Even with her success, Caroline knows not to get too comfortable. Social media is an ever changing industry, as attention is constantly moving from platforms like YouTube and Instagram to new ones like TikTok. Being able to adapt to trends and knowing how to package her content has been huge for her success, and Caroline will continue to be ahead of trends moving forward. It’s become clear that through her mindset and passion that Caroline’s career is only just beginning.

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