Idrees Kickz on How He Coped with Stress and Anxiety Without Letting it Hold Him Back

Mohammad Edris Hashimi, popularly known as Idrees Kickz is a young businessman and e-commerce expert. Despite being only 19 years old, Idrees Kickz has had his fair share of dealing with stress and anxiety while running his businesses.

In this article, he shares the tips that he has used over the years that helped him succeed in business and life while keeping stress at bay.

How to beat Stress

One way or another, stress always finds its way into our everyday life, whether we plan it or not. Stress is like an unavoidable reality of life that can trigger our fight-or-flight response in a difficult or uncomfortable situation.

As humans, we experience stressful situations throughout the course of our lives, but what really matters is how we handle these problems. For Idrees, his default response is to turn to his faith.

 “When I feel stressed, I usually pray and turn to God for guidance. After that, I can walk away feeling completely relaxed and turn my attention back to work,” he shares.

Another effective way that helps Idrees overcome stress is taking a walk through nature. According to him, going out and enjoying different vibes usually helps him forget about what got him stressed in the first place.

Staying Productive

As an entrepreneur, it is essential to start your day on a solid foundation. There’s always something new pulling you away from the tasks that will move you closer to achieving your goals and seeing your vision through. To avoid distractions that can breed anxiety, you must map out your day. Here’s a sample of Idrees’ daily routine to guide you.

“First thing I do in the morning is pray. Then, I dedicate a specific time frame for exercise before I have my breakfast. I don’t try to do a lot, but I try to do things that will elevate me forward.  I only focus on 3 to 4 major tasks every day, and I make sure I take breaks in between. One thing I always push for is finishing all my work for the day before midnight. This gives me enough time to plan for the next day, and get enough sleep,” Idrees Kickz explains.

Idrees believes succeeding is not a factor of who does the most. The important thing is knowing how you can utilize your time most efficiently to get closer to your goals.  

Having Fun on the way

Maintaining your focus is important, but you must also learn to avoid boredom. For fun, Idrees loves to keep himself busy making videos for his  YouTube channel and TikTok account. He also plays video games occasionally.

You can also relax by meditating, reading a new book, or starting a  journal. Whatever the activity, try to engage in something that will replenish your energy and will make you feel refreshed.

Never Backing Down

Idrees has some very relevant advice for anyone trying to overcome burnout and depression.

“Whatever work you’re doing- be it a student, teacher, entrepreneur, etc- the best way to get rid of burnout is to focus on your goal and what you want the most. Let your own energy control you.”

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