3 Mistakes To Avoid When Repairing Hail Damage to Cars

Hail damage is very common in certain parts of the country. While some people will rarely, if ever, have to think about repairing hail damage to their cars, those that live in areas with high numbers of hailstorms, such as Colorado or Texas, have to accept that it’s just something that’s part of daily life. The problem is that hail damage isn’t just about how your car looks. Any damage to the exterior of your vehicle will weaken it and make it more dangerous to drive. There are some common mistakes that motorists make when it comes to repairing hail damage. Here are the most common mistakes to see and how to avoid them.

Vehicle Value

Light hail damage won’t damage your car’s integrity too much, but it could still end up costing you. If your car has been left out in a hailstorm and it’s suffered some light hail damage, there’s a good chance that it will be very cheap to repair. The problem is that minor dents are often ignored because they don’t bother the vehicle owner. You may start to be bothered, though, when it comes to selling your car. Hail damage can seriously reduce the amount of money that you’ll be able to get when selling your car, and you could end up losing thousands of dollars of profits just because you didn’t have the motivation to get those minor repairs mended.

Waiting For the End of Hail Season

A very common mistake that car owners make is when their vehicles have been damaged by hail at the beginning of storm season. In many cases, those car owners will wait to get their repairs made until the storm season is over. This makes sense because it seems redundant to pay for repairs when more may end up being needed.

The problem is that you’ll be driving around in a car with pre-existing damage, and that can start to cause a lot of problems with your insurance company. The longer that you take to repair hail damage on your car, the riskier it becomes in terms of both driving that car and losing money on insurance payouts.

Waiting For Insurance Companies

It might seem like common sense that your first step to making hail repairs is to do everything your insurance company asks you to. Most car insurers will have a process in place and a list of direct repair shops that they will recommend that you use. Of course, insurance companies want to pay out the least amount possible, and that exposes you to low-quality repair jobs and longer waits. You may also find that if you’re contacting your insurance company about hail damage in the middle of storm season, they will often be inundated with similar claims. That, too, can delay your ability to repair your car. Remember that:

  • Insurance companies will very often offer you a lower payout than the damage will cost to repair, simply because hail dents are hard to spot. Many car owners will then make a mistake by taking that money and spending it elsewhere. This can cost you thousands of dollars when you’re involved in a car accident later or try to sell this car. If you want to maintain the car value, you’ll need to actually make the repairs, but then you’ll realize the insurance payout may not have enough to cover the cost. 
  • You do not have to use the car repair company that your insurance company tells you to use. You will usually find a better price and a faster repair time by simply searching for Denver auto hail repair and doing some research into the best hail repair companies local to you.
  • Car insurance premiums are always a bane, and many motorists delay notifying their insurance company about hail damage because they think that it will raise their premiums. This is a very common misconception. The fact is that hail damage is classified as a ‘no-fault claim,’ sometimes referred to as an Act of God. Hail damage is not your fault, and that means your insurance company has no justification for raising your premiums. If the thought of paying out more money every month is preventing you from making those repairs to your car, then it’s time to contact your insurance company.

Not all hail repair companies are the same. Make sure that you do your research and have some awareness of the benefits of paintless dent removal. Depending on the severity of your car’s hail damage, it could be easier, faster, and more cost-effective to make those repairs than you might have thought. Avoid the mistakes, and your car will be safer to drive and more profitable to sell.

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