The Beta Version of LinkiBag Released for US people to Save & Share Weblinks Securely

LinkiBag has been launched in the US for users to save and share website links with friends, co-workers and others. The saving and sharing platform can be used for co-working assignments and tutorials by students. Family and friends can share recipes or interesting articles with each other.

While using LinkiBag, one can save and share class lectures as a student. It is even possible to share multiple links using LinkiBooks. They come in handy as a feature to create a links collection that have comments. Yes! One can easily add comments for future references or before sending links to another party. This is a convenient package to collect links and then share with acquaintances.

A LinkiBag’s spokesperson revealed LinkiBag’s mission is to change the way  web users save and exchange links. Using the platform, users will be able to build a personalised web-based list of web references that can be used for future work. It thus provides a good place to keep links sorted in one place. The company is excited to have launched the beta version of LinkiBag in the US and is looking forward to users jotting their links and sharing them around.

It is the most sought after place to keep weblinks as it saves enormous amounts of time for people who utilize the web frequently. They can save, share and access web links anytime and anywhere while adding comments and saving links. Creating a standard account on LinkiBag is free of cost and one can start managing the links as soon as they log in.

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