Regular Inspections Under Local Law 152 have Increased the Gas Pipeline Safety in NYC Buildings

Local Law 152 got passed in NYC in 2016 for the sake of ensuring gas pipeline safety in buildings. It was proposed to raise awareness about accidents due to the gas pipeline explosions. The enforcement of the law took place in January 2020.

Local Law 152 was introduced by the Department of Buildings and it required the regular inspections of gas piping systems in every building in NYC. In 2019, the rules for this law got finalized and the enforcement of Local Law 152 has helped to reduce the number of gas pipeline accidents in NYC.

Inspections of the gas pipeline systems are done to know about any repair work that is pending. This procedure helps to ensure the timely repair of gas pipeline systems at home in NYC to prevent the occurrence of gas pipeline explosions.

Under Local Law 152, it is required to get the building Gas Piping System (GPS) to be inspected by an NYC Licensed Master Plumber Company every 4 years on the basis of Community District Location. Not just the buildings with a GPS but also the buildings without a gas piping must be inspected to certify they don’t have any gas piping system.

Many gas explosions took place in New York before the implementation of this law. But now, it has resulted in a reduction in the number of gas explosions to a great extent. One can consult the concerned service to get information, price quotes, schedule inspection, and manage invoicing for NYC Local Law 152 related inspections. The Local Law 152 2020 update has shown that the gas piping inspections are due for different community district locations.

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