A Messy Contact List is Easy to Manage if One Follows a Few Tips and Tricks

Organizing a contact list may seem a daunting task for many and it often leads to a confusing state of mind. It is really important to keep a contact list in an organized state to fetch contacts rapidly at a given time. Doing so can save a lot of time for every smartphone or PC user in everyday routine.

Fortunately, there are many technology tools and apps available to get an organized contact list by eliminating duplicate entries, outdated information, and unimportant contacts. However, one also needs to do some manual work to get an organized contact list. Following a few easy tips and tricks can easily help any person to maintain an organized contact list.

Sync All Contacts at One Place

The first tip that one needs to follow is to pick a bucket and sync all its contacts there. It is important to choose a single place for syncing all phone contacts. This will prevent duplication of contacts and it becomes possible to find any contact at the time of emergency.

It is a good idea to import contacts from multiple places to store them in a single place say, Gmail. Since a Gmail account is accessed more often on a daily basis, it makes it really possible for every person to access contacts with ease.

Delete Unimportant Contacts 

Secondly, one just needs to go through its contact list to pick up all contacts with whom he doesn’t share any bond now. There are contacts with whom one doesn’t talk now and some contacts that are imported from different social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram.

Such contacts need to be deleted to make more space in a contact list and keep it organized. However, one should do this task patiently as it is really important to do so to select only the right contacts for deletion. If there are multiple contacts then select them at once to delete them.

Merge Duplicate Ones

Additionally, one should merge all the duplicate contacts to organize a contact list. When a person syncs its contacts from multiple accounts, it leaves him with a few duplicates in his new list. This leads to a difficulty in managing a contact list if one doesn’t merge contacts at a single place. Merging of contacts allows us to combine them into one item and it makes it possible to use them with ease at the time of its real use.

Use a Contact Management Tool

Using a contact management tool can help to organize all contacts in one place. Out of the available options, Cisdem ContactsMate is a suitable choice for managing a contact manager in Mac. Cisdem ContactsMate is an effective contact manager Mac tool that helps to organize a contact list.

This tool has many effective features that one can use to organize a contact list with ease. The easy to use tool allows to create, edit, merge, group, tag, and manage contacts. One can import, export, merge, and remove duplicate contacts with the use of this contact management tool.

In addition to following the above-mentioned tips and tricks, one must also keep his contact list up to date to keep the contact list in an organized state.

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