Rachid El Khabbachi AKA JM, an African Businessman and Lifestyle Influencer to be Featured on Netflix?

If you were, asked about your favorite Instagram blogger, how long would you take to name one? Well, now that there are so many social media influencers in the business, it might not be possible for you to have a single favorite. Moreover, being impressed by their lifestyle or inspired by their life story, we choose our favorites. Rachid El Khabbachi, also known as JM, is yet another renowned name in the social media world and flaunts his lavish lifestyle in every post that he makes on Instagram. However, news that forced people to acknowledge that Netflix wants to film a documentary on Rachid’s life was nothing but a rumour.

Rachid’s Instagram, JM Lifestyle Official depicts quite an ideal lifestyle which is why we were surprised to hear him say, “Life’s not a piece of cake, it is full of struggles, and only you can take charge of pulling yourself out of those dark times because, trust me, nobody will.” That signifies how Rachid has struggled throughout his life to get to the point where he is now.

He feels that no work in this world is easy, and it costs you blood, sweat, and tears to follow your passion and succeed in life. There have been multiple times that Khabbachi failed at life facing rejections and downfalls, but none of that demotivates him or puts him off the idea of consistent hard work.

“My dear, you will have to climb out of the bed of roses and step onto stones one day or another so it is better to prepare yourself for the worst because when it comes to you unwarned, it leaves more damage than expected.” Rachid gives a message to the youth not to take life for granted as it can turn the tables on you in the blink of an eye.

Rachid El Khabbachi has witnessed the harsh reality of life that keeps him from getting moved away by all the luxuries that he has earned for himself and his family. He does not only live a lavish life but also inspires the youth not to lose hope in difficult times and keep following their passion as consistent hard work is the only key to success.

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