Lorna Florence Shares Some Fun Travel Tips

Lorna accepts that one should consistently make the most out of each circumstance, and take on any opportunity that finds itself knocking on your door! Lorna concedes that her business is something beyond just personal training sessions; she intends to urge individuals to think about fitness as a way of life, rather than something that they ought to do. She views herself as an inventive individual, which is conceivably why her modelling profession is soaring. As of late, Lorna has even modelled for big brands like Adidas, Reebok, and Varley. She concedes that she adores her job since it permits her to take off and travel everywhere on the world with the clients that she trains.

One thing that stands out most in Lorna’s Instagram is the ever changing background and setting – that is because she has successfully built up her personal training clientele to a level that allows her to travel to many countries for the purpose of training. These include Dubai, Ibiza, Greece, and the South of France, etc. Lorna loves to travel as she believes that it gives one a new perspective on life once you get to know about different cultures. In the future, Lorna aims to build upon this by creating a retreat service within her company and create wellness-focused holidays for her clients in different destinations globally.

Lorna expresses immense gratitude and concedes that she has been lucky to be honored with a profession that permits her to model, travel, AND exercise simultaneously! Nonetheless, it is difficult by all means – in any event, when she is travelling, Lorna needs to train her customers and be accessible full time. Notwithstanding this, and everything else that goes into this job, Lorna concedes that she is everlastingly thankful for it and the open doors that it presents!

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