Enthusiastic and Competitive Umar Ashraf Sets Up the Stock Market Lab

Umar Ashraf, a rising name in the stock trading, is an inspirational example of a young, self-made business owner who founded Ashraf Capital, TradeZella, and Stock Market Lab. With every passing minute, he polishes his trading expertise by learning from his own mistakes.

Umar caters to common queries of the public regarding trading stocks and weekly speaks on other topics about stock trading or the stock market through his Youtube channel to help developing traders excel.

A couple of years back, Umar started trading for financial freedom, and, after succeeding at it, he launched a trading community called Stock Market Lab. Currently, he is working on building TradeZella that is an innovative trading feedback tool to help retail traders elevate their trading.

He has been successful in building a community of over 2,000+ members for the Stock Market Lab.

Umar Ashraf has the honor of speaking at Benzina and a record of making over seven figures from trading itself.

A 24-year-old Stock Trader from New York, Umar, shares his journey on how he tackled the Stock Market via YouTube. He inspires thousands of people by sharing his story of how he started trading when he was only 18 years old, and after various rounds of trial and error, became consistently profitable in the market.

He records brief videos on the fundamentals of investing in the stock market and delivers lectures on how the market works.

His main goal is to make his viewers understand and achieve a significant level of confidence in their trading abilities and handling the stock market.

Through the informative blog, he manages on Instagram by the name of UmarAshraf Trades, Umar keeps his followers updated on the latest trading trends and techniques.

Umar Ashraf, by his successful journey, has proved that one should never lose hope and keep following their passion no matter how many hurdles come in the way. Perhaps we might one day be able to relate to Umar’s journey that started with failure and gave his ultimate passion a unique and honorable recognition.

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