How to Protect Stock in Warehouse Loading Canopies

Warehouse loading canopies come in handy during winter and rainy seasons. They are typically made of aluminum or steel frames and PVC roofs. Ideally, they are temporary structures that can be erected and dismantled at any time. They may have walls or not.

The structures are often used to protect stock from harsh weather conditions, usually moisture and heat. Hence, they can be used all year long. Anyone in the logistics business should consider using them.

Installation Process

When making a warehouse loading canopy, it is best to go for a custom-made design that will fit right in your loading bay. However, many standard sizes are still functional for many businesses. Their average size is 25 meters wide and 6 meters high. This makes sure that a truck, van, or any other delivery vehicle will fit.

According to reputable temporary structures experts, the Smart-Space company, installing your choice of loading canopy is very easy. The aluminum frames are anchored on the concrete floor using strong pegs to avoid being blown over by the wind. The good thing is that only a little modification is done on the floor.

The PVC roofing is also easy to install since it is already cut in a factory. The loading canopy could either have walls or be left as frames. This depends on the client and the type of goods that are being loaded at the bay. You ultimately need to choose a plan that works best for you.

Benefits of Warehouse Loading Canopies

  • Protection of goods – The biggest benefit of warehouse loading canopy is to protect goods during loading or temporary holding. Imagine having to remove the stock from a warehouse where they have been cool and dry, only for them to get in contact with moisture as they get loaded a well-insulated truck. Sometimes, the goods are released from the warehouse but they have to wait for the truck to be washed, checked by a mechanic, or just wait for their turn to be loaded. The canopy becomes handy in such cases.
  • Cost reduction – In line with the protection of goods from harsh weather conditions such as snow or rainwater, the warehouse can save a lot of money in the long-run. In many cases, the warehouse is responsible for the damage of goods that they case during their handling. With such protection, goods will be delivered in perfect status.
  • Increased efficiency – Customers are happy when the company that is handling their goods is efficient in their service. This is how they become loyal to the logistics company. As companies continue to provide protection to stocks, the delivery of the goods to the customer in the right status is guaranteed. Such companies build a reputation within a short time and profit margins will also rise gradually.


When running a logistics company, it is essential to think about warehouse loading canopies where the trucks will be packed as they wait to be loaded. As you can see, they have numerous benefits that are very versatile.

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