The Wonders of Working with Children

Working with children can be rewarding, challenging, and endlessly entertaining. It can involve seeing a child back to health, changing dirty diapers, and playing an hour-long game of hopscotch; it will take all the energy out of you while restoring it at the same time. Here are the reasons working with children is one of the most valuable and entertaining careers a person can choose.

Helping You Become a Better Parent 

When working with children, you come to know many kids and how much they can differ. If you work in a nursery or a school, you will discover the best way to calm down the little boy who screams in the corner, while also figuring out the shy child’s favorite idea to talk about. Discovering the different ways children work will only benefit you if you decide to become a parent. All of the lessons you learn at work you will be able to take home and apply it to home life, meaning you will constantly be learning to be the best parent a child could wish for. 

Gaining a Relationship with the Parents 

The parents of the child you are working with are trusting you with the thing most precious to them, and that trust can blossom into a wonderful relationship. The parents will come to appreciate you looking after your child, whether that be medically, during nursery, or teaching them at school, and you will come to know some of the parents as much as you know their child. 

Providing Children with a Role Model 

Unfortunately, not every kid has a good role model at home. This means, for some children, you might become the role model they desperately need in their lives. Teachers, nurses, and counselors often provide children with an adult they can both trust and look up to, which is a huge responsibility, and also very rewarding for both you and the kid. 

Never-Ending Education

Most conversations at work center around the business of work, the adult-problems of the world, and a good dollop of office gossip. While this can make for great conversation, there is something special about the thoughts of children. When working with kids, you will have conversations about all sorts of peculiar nonsense, and sometimes, a child may just surprise you with a simple philosophy you haven’t thought about in years. This education is incredibly valuable, as you will learn to pick up on the curiosities of the kids around you and remember just how essential it is to have fun. You will come to understand that children’s thoughts and words are just as important as an adults. 

Learning Patience

If you’ve ever been a parent or looked after a younger family member, you will know just how much patience caring for a child requires. If you’re around children every day, patience will be a skill you will soon master. There is no room for rushing a child to learn – they have their own pace, and while you are working with them, you will learn to meet their speed. This will positively impact other areas of your life when you are required to be patient, as you will already be a master!

The Joy of Seeing a Child Flourish 

When working with children, it can become easy to get attached. This can make it heart-breaking when it comes time to say good-bye, but it is also endlessly rewarding seeing a child flourish. 

Becoming a teacher is one of the best ways to watch children grow beyond themselves. You will see them do what you always knew they were capable of, which will make you glow with pure pride. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a kid who wasn’t sure they could learn a certain spelling or pass a certain test finally succeed, and the wonderful smile that follows.


Children are hilarious creatures. As they slowly learn about the world, their understandings can be warped and unusual, leading to a comment or observation that can leave you crying with laughter. Two days of work will never be the same; they will always come out with new words, fresh ideas, and ridiculous jokes. You won’t be without a smile for long!

Helping Them Get Better 

One of the most rewarding parts of working with children is helping them in an area they struggle with. If you work as a pediatric nurse, you will be helping children each day to live as well as they can, providing them with the correct medical treatments. 

If you have a particular interest in helping unwell children, Baylor University offers excellent online degrees to help you become a DNP family nurse practitioner, so you can combine your love of children with your compassion by helping them get better the best way you can. 

Freeing Your Imagination

Children have wondrous imaginations. As adults, it can become easy to sink into a straight-forward way of thinking, with your imagination slipping away over time. Working with children is a sure-fire way to bring back your imagination from the depths, as they will show you a new way of looking at the world. Their natural curiosity will make you curious, like how they look at the sky, the way they interpret colors and their hilariously blunt nature. They will, of course, learn a lot from you, but equally, they will teach you so much about being young and imaginative once more, which is great for your brain.

Passing on Your Knowledge

As an adult, you have grown your wisdom over the years, and it is always rewarding to pass that on. If you are a teacher, you will be able to do that daily. Even as a nurse, counselor, or a social worker, you will still be passing on your knowledge to the children to help the younger generation grow into the best of people, which is what it is all about. 

Working with children is truly a beautiful choice. From their funny little habits to their acute observations, you will never be bored while they are around, and later in life, they will look back and remember you with a smile. 

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