Mo Abboud Is A Shining Example Of Perseverance Leading To Success

Mo Abboud has been working in the real estate world with perseverance and determination to achieve all that he has dreamt of. He has been inspired by a Syrian billionaire Ghassan Abboud since long. But today with his work in the field, he inspires dozens of young people who look up to him for the fact that he surpassed all the hardships in his life to reach this milestone. He lived in slums of Syria till the age of 13 and later shifted to Northern Virginian where he stays currently. He has had a difficult journey but has accomplished a lot in the path and made a reputation for himself.

What worked in his favor is his attitude to not give up even when the struggles were looking at him with their cruel eyes. Mo Abboud held onto his dreams, never giving up and completed his school and college to become an educated person. Even then he worked at a local McDonald’s outlet to ensure his family gets all the support and does not go without meals. These times taught him a lot about money.

Today he is a successful real estate agent based in Northern Virginia after working in different fields of business. He has also worked as a social media marketing expert helping startups to gain profits. He also had opened a music studio for 2 years where he worked with the likes of Travis Scott, Juicy J, Sean Tizzle, Tommy Tattz, and Ali Kulture.

Real estate business got him a lot of growth so Mo Abboud stuck to it and decided to make a long career out of it. Today he works with Samson Properties, a real estate company operating in Chantilly, VA, and areas around it. He is also involved in a lot of charity work now and has been inspiring the youth to achieve success whatever the circumstances.

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