Stephan Walouch about the Dropshipping Trend and the Drawbacks!

Dropshipping is trendy but has dangerous drawbacks. Stephan Walouch explains how you can become successful with dropshipping.

“Buying in China and selling in Germany – this is how you get rich!”

What sounds so simple is often a little more laborious than it is. Anyone who deals with dropshipping will quickly notice that it is not that easy to find a product that works in the short or long term. With dropshipping, the store owner’s job is to attract customers. This is done by setting up an online shop with integrated products from already existing product ranges, mostly from Asian manufacturers. After the integration into the shop has been completed, customers must be called upon to purchase specific target groups using advertising measures.

The challenge?

The product needs relevance so that the potential buyer also decides to buy. In addition, it should also satisfy the customer after the purchase and, in addition to the high quality, should also arrive at the destination quickly with a quick delivery. This seems to be a problem with dropshipping, because the retailer has nothing to do with the product after ordering and the process is almost automated. This may lead to long delivery times and sometimes the bitter reality that the product may not even match what was advertised. The sobering result? Negative customer feedback and bad shop reviews. Of course, viewed in this way, this is counterproductive on all levels and can turn out to be quite expensive until such a shop actually works according to your own wishes.

Newcomers to e-commerce in particular often start their entrepreneurial journey with a small online shop and find out about the administration and management of such a shop via YouTube or other free platforms. In most cases, however, risky information falls outside the box and is either swept under the table or not communicated at all. However, the advantage of online work, as in the area of dropshipping, is the elimination of storage costs, production and delivery. As a retailer, you know the price in advance and can define your own price very easily. However, control over one’s own service and the associated result lies with the product dealer in China.

If you want to set up your own business on the Internet, you will usually have difficulties finding the right people. Different, mostly self-appointed coaches and trainers often appear professional and offer to pass on their own knowledge to customers for several thousand euros in order to earn four to five figures themselves. The supposed knowledge can then be clustered together by other people through various channels for little money and published in the form of an e-book under their name.

Such stories and others can be found in large numbers on the Internet, which is why it is important to find partners here who are companions on the road to success and who are not simple teacher figures. Stephan Walouch is using his social media for potential exchange among his social media to maximises success.

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