LEDs over CFLs is the Smart Choice you Should Make Right Now

CFLs and LEDs have taken over lighting in the digital age. Both have different lighting techniques and various properties. CFLs are the compact fluorescent lamps which are made of a spiral tube that is connected to a base. But LED or light-emitting diode comes in various shapes and sizes. Here are the reasons why you must choose LED lights over CFLs and must do it right now.

A CFL bulb takes more time to illuminate. It uses a time taking technology where an electric current is passed through a gaseous tube to create UV (ultraviolet) light. But UV is not visible, so a special phosphor coating is used on the CFL bulb. The layer converts UV light into visible light. This process takes around 3 to 30 seconds because of which a CFL bulb takes more time to illuminate fully.

But in LEDs, there is instant lighting. LEDs use the process of electroluminescence. The electrons are passed through a semiconductor material to produce visible light. That’s why you must choose LEDs over CFLs.

LEDs are better in energy consumption as well, specially the 4′ LED shop lights. LEDs use maximum energy in the production of light, and very little energy is wasted as heat. On the contrary, CFLs use nearly 80 % of their energy to release heat. Moreover, LEDs consume less power than CFLs. So LEDs are more efficient than CFLs

CFLs may radiate light in all directions. But that property makes them less bright. However, LEDs offer directional lighting. That’s what makes it brighter than CFLs.

LEDs may be expensive, but they have a very high life span of around 25,000 to 50,000 hours, while CFL lights have a lifespan of approximately 8000 hours. So, LEDs seem like a better choice than CFLs when it comes to longevity and performance.

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