Why More is Better for Online Entrepreneur Anthony Sarandrea

Never rest on your laurels, never be satisfied with what you have, and always look for new opportunities.

These are the words of leading entrepreneur Anthony Sarandrea, a man who was recently voted as one of the best “30 under 30” entrepreneurs alongside the country’s most influential businesspersons.

Anthony Sarandrea attributes his success to three things:

1. A tireless work ethic;
2. a customer-first approach, and
3. a willingness to invest and take a chance

Turn a cent into a dollar, a dollar into a hundred, a hundred into a thousand, and a thousand into a million. Invest, speculate, take a chance, put your heart and soul into everything that you do, and success will follow.

It’s the American Dream, and it’s something that Anthony Sarandrea has followed to the letter.

For people like Sarandrea, the online age and the opportunities it has provided have been a godsend. He is able to manage a number of successful companies on the go, which allows him to follow his passion for teaching and public speaking. Anthony attends numerous events to inspire others seeking to follow in his footsteps and also works as a consultant for multiple 7-, 8- and 9-figure businesses.

It’s a busy schedule and it’s hard work, but he wouldn’t change it for the world and continues to look for new opportunities and new ways to expand his growing online empire.

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