What Drives David Kenney? A Deeper Look at the Factors Behind This International Fashion Guru’s Success

If you’re like any of the millions of people who’ve been inspired by Dennis Kenney’s success in the fashion world you probably also find yourself wondering about his inspiration. After all anyone who makes such a powerful impact on any industry has got to have some pretty intense motivation right? If you were thinking along those lines you’re correct. Kenney’s success in the fashion world is motivated by a few thing and we’ll discuss some of them below.

A Natural Passion For Fashion

Perhaps the greatest driving factor behind his success in the industry is Kenney’s passion for fashion.  This passion was unearthed after he faced a daunting injury that put a stop to his promising hockey career, but it had always been there and Kenney soon proved himself to be a natural at making fashion choices that mesmerize. This passion, coupled with his bold spirit allows Kenney to push the fashion envelope and in the process produce fashion gems that are stunning and revolutionary. Is it any wonder so many people consider him their top style icon?

An Amazing Brand With a Global Reach

Kenney won the hearts of millions of fashion enthusiasts with his wit charm and shrewd fashion moves. By enhancing and reflecting his true self, he has created a personal and professional brand that his millions of adoring fans associate with bravery, freedom, lightness and gorgeousness. The magnetic appeal of his brand has attracted over 70,000 followers and millions of daily viewers to his Instagram page @stylewithden.

An Intrinsic Spirit of Determination

This commitment to his passion has endeared Kenney to millions of people around the world who are themselves inspired by him to redouble their efforts in order to attain their goals. Not only did he refuse to be floored by the injury that derailed his hockey career, but he also worked assiduously at creating a name and reputation that is nothing short of astounding.

This intrinsic reservoir of determination also helped Kenney to shake off the disappointment of rejection and keep focused on his goals. It’s easy to think that someone with the charismatic personality of Kenney and the high level of success and fame would be unaccustomed to rejection but actually the opposite is true. The injury was not the only obstacle he faced. He has dealt with rejection which occurred during the acting phase of his career and continued into his transition into fashion.

This drive to achieve coupled with his deep love for fashion is what pushed Kenney to establish his own clothing line NONDK. This same drive also later led him to create his own fashion company Style With Den. Both the clothing line and the fashion company have been experiencing high levels of success since their launch.

Given the tremendous success he’s since enjoyed it’s safe to say Kenney’s motivators are excellent engines driving his success.  So far they’ve helped him garner an international fan base that runs into the millions and is swiftly increasing every day suggesting that it is just a matter of time before his name dominates the international fashion industry.

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