Shailen Vandeyar: Drawing extraordinary results through excellence in branding & marketing

He is the brain behind the massively growing TikTok account called @Laugh, turning it into the biggest media publishing account.

If anything that has caught the attention of people and moreover of the youngsters and kids today it is the growing presence of social media platforms. Today, in every household, one can find a creative mind as these online mediums have given enough opportunities to people to take out their creative and innovative side and entertain or inform audiences and followers by posting inventive and relatable content. The digital marketing world has always been welcoming to all those individuals who have shown promise and talent. Showing the same promise is a youngster named Shailen Vandeyar from Auckland, New Zealand, who at a very early age has tasted success and has also inspired many other young talents to take on their respective fields with consistently learning something new each day, honing their skills and excelling at their work.

Vandeyar is the creative brain behind the success of a TikTok account named @Laugh which went on to become the most prominent media publishing accounts on TikTok. He is the digital marketing expert and entrepreneur who has raced ahead many in the saturated market by becoming the online consultant and branding genius behind various infamous creators and brands.

The young technical wizard is engaging people across different parts of the world with his unconventional content on TikTok and has garnered the fame and recognition he enjoys today. On the other hand, he has increased his presence on other social media platforms as well like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Vandeyar has become a TikTok expert with @Laugh, who had created it just like any other account, but with his immense determination and passion transformed the account into a lucrative medium, by picking up the algorithmic boost at a much early growth stage of the app, leading it to success.

All his life Vandeyar has been an ambitious individual and showed great affinity towards the tech world. This encouraged him to create his first e-commerce store called “GadgetsYouNeed”, that offered the latest gadgets at affordable prices. One success led to another, and Vandeyar dived deep into the ocean of digital marketing, branding and advertising and came up with his firm called “VG Media” which is today a successful global digital agency.

He has captured most part of the media market in Australasia with his growing presence as a successful and visionary 25-year-old digital marketing entrepreneur and expert. His account @Laugh on TikTok is creating a lot of buzz with its increasing followers and engaged users of 1.2 million. Through his firm, Vandeyar offers a variety of services that prove to be useful and beneficial for the growth of his clients in all possible ways. He specializes in video monetization, brand endorsements, SEO, paid and organic traffic, social networking and many more things.

His expertise has allowed him to work with some of the most esteemed content creators like Michael Fallon, Neil Henry, Jimi Jackson and Marty and Michael. Vandeyar optimized the mediums and created opportunities to monetize the creators’ audiences and maximize engagement.

Shailen Vandeyar has proved his mettle in the industry being a young mastermind who has the power to transform ordinary names into prominent ones, drawing extraordinary results through his excellence as a digital expert and entrepreneur.

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