An insight on Success from David Imonitie: Practice Success Instead of Chasing it

You are good at pursuing your passion or entrepreneurial venture, but you are not getting any results. You will be good for one day, two days, three days, or a week max., but after that you’ll start doubting your very own self and will ultimately ditch your goals and ambitions and start doing the normal jam of 9 to 5 jobs, and there is nothing wrong in that too, by all means, but to achieve something exceptional you got to choose an uncommon route and it sure does require a lot of hard work on regular basis. “Being persistent and not losing your work ethics”, is said to be the key factor in this regard by David Imonitie Being a serial entrepreneur himself, he knows what are the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs when they embark upon journeys like this. Things mostly go south during this ride but all you need to do is stay focused and persistent.

Besides being persistent, mindset is also of paramount importance. David first teaches his followers and clients the right mindset although they may not have the required investments or resources at the time but if they have the right mindset, they will generate enough of them. The same path was followed by David himself. Success comes by practicing it, you must start behaving like a successful person from day one and eventually you will be that person one day. You must stop procrastination and being lazy during this journey, which is quite tough, since things will be normally against you in this regard but still you need to make successful habits a part of your routine. In this regard, David says to have a constant source of motivation. That can be a book, a podcast or most importantly a person, a mentor with whom you can share your experiences and hardships and in turn get a sincere piece of advice.

Most millennials nowadays think of success as an overnight process, which it is not for sure. David struggled for almost 15 years to reach to the point where he stands today. During all this period, he continued practicing success just like he had it. He pictured himself earning and spending thousands of dollars at the time he was struggling and didn’t even had money for gas. There is loads of hard work, continuous struggle and persistence behind such success stories. Don’t be disheartened if things don’t work your way today, they will tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then the day after tomorrow, but they surely will someday. Until that day comes you ought to have consistent work ethics, as suggested by David, and have faith.

Today empowering the young and the old, David has established his own organization Believe Nation. There he guides people about the right mindset required to be a success story. Quite a lot of people have been so ahead in their respective careers by his talks and sessions. There he promotes the same mindset of thinking like a successful person. It is quite hard to earn a million dollars, but it is quite easy to lose them at once. Hence you need to be prepared before hand about how to manage your money inflows and outflows, time and schedule management and most importantly the mindset you need to have to earn more than others in the market. The biggest excuse brought forward by masses in this regard is the inadequacy of resources, well, with the right mindset you can generate as many resources as you want. It’s all dependent on your mind and you have full control over it, you just need to believe that!

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