6 Tips for Growing Facebook with 24onlineservice

Grow your Facebook page with these tips and get more leads and business for your company. 24onlineservice have been in this space and been very successful for a number of years and are sharing what they know below.

1. Take the Lead with Shareable Content

The key rule when it comes to Facebook is choosing fun, interesting, and relevant content that your followers will be willing to share. One of the most powerful features on Facebook is sharing since it allows for the quick spread of information across the globe in no time.

If you can generate engaging and stimulating content, your followers will likely share it with their friends and followers, who will subsequently share it with their own friends, and so on until your reach has expanded significantly. Grow your following on Facebook with our online service.

Whenever someone shares your posts, it helps expose you to new prospects and people and this will most likely bring in more followers and likes. Equally important, the latest Facebook algorithms have been designed to reward those marketers that produce engaging content and this is likely to increase your reach further.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Your Personal Side

Each of the different social media platforms has its own unique advantages, benefits, as well as the reasons for using it. The goal, with Facebook, is to build relationships and give your company the opportunity to reveal your human side and using the platform with that aim can help you grow your reach.

Your customers are aware that you are a business, and if they want to know more about the company, they will visit your website. However, when they seek you out on Facebook, they will want to know more about those behind the organization.

It is for this reason that Facebook is such an excellent platform for content involving employee profiles and features, a behind the scenes look at your office, exciting news about your industry, along with other posts likely to give your followers a more dynamic and in-depth view of who you are.

3. Gain Better Insight by Using Facebook Insights

Facebook has an in-built monitoring tool for their platform known as Facebook Insights, and this is a priceless resource that can be used for gaining a better understanding of the audience and how they react to your posts as well as page.

Here’s how you can do it: log in to your Facebook account and head over to your page. From there, click View Insights and then Reach to see how your previous posts have performed, as well as the type of posts and content that have reached the largest audience. You can then modify future posts to be more like the best-performing ones from the past.

4. Keep Changing Up Content Types

You have the freedom to create all kinds of content and it will do you a lot of good to offer your audience variety. Most importantly, you need to ensure that not all your posts are promotional. In fact, just about 20% of your posts should be promotional with the rest being social.

Here are some ideas for the different types of content that you can explore:

– Livestream video

– High-quality images

– Native video

– Text posts that link to eBooks, blogs, and other types of content

5. Test and Tweak for Optimizing Future Posts

A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to track, measure, and gain insight into how your posts performed. If you split-test 2 near-identical versions of the same post, you can get immediate input regarding the one that performs best, implement the changes required, and repost the enhanced version on all channels to improve your reach.

6. Take Advantage of Relevant Pages

Your instincts may tell you that Facebook is an every-business-for -itself kind of environment, but there will be times where it might be much better to promote, mention, or like to another business’ page. Here’s why: if you tag another business in your post, the post will not only appear on your page but also on theirs, which means that you get twice the exposure.

Still, it isn’t appropriate to tag any businesses in your post just for the purpose of getting the reach, and there should be a good reason for you to mention or link to the other business. Furthermore, when doing this, there’s also the hope that you will get reciprocal posts and tags by other businesses, or you can consider seeking a promotional partnership with other companies in your niche.

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