Passionate Musician, Joseph Crawford, Loves to Explore Different Avenues in the Music World

Joseph Crawford, a multitalented and passionate music artist, is making his name in the music world by exploring different avenues. Joseph belongs to a family with a strong musical background and that is why he is having a strong passion for music. Currently, he is known as a songwriter, producer, guitar player, and electronic DJ.

Born in Dallas, Texas, he developed an inclination towards different musical instruments during his young age. And this led him to learn to play trumpet as well as the guitar in middle school. Joseph Crawford is so attached to music that he keeps on learning new things in the music world.

When he is not performing then he prefers to spend most of his time in his home studio to work on releasing a new hit song. One of his popular hits is the song “Burn” that got released in the year 2019. Due to its excellent music composition, “Burn” has received an excellent response on all music platforms.

The single became beatport #1 in trap/future bass and it also made it to Liquid Todds “BPM” radio show. On Spotify, a high number of people are listening to “Burn” and it is about to touch 1 million Spotify plays. Apart from this, it is listed in “bass arcade”, “trap mojito”, and “creamy” Spotify playlists which enjoy the songs of many popular artists such as, Martin Garrix.

Owing to his deep passion for trying new things in music, Joseph started learning Djing from his local friend in the year 2014. And it made him create his own art and he tasted massive success in the electronic industry after his couple of releases. You can know more about the multitalented artist by clicking the link mentioned below.

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