As we look around us today all we find is panic and commotion due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. During these times, the only thing that brings us solace is the power of music and who better than the EDM sensation himself TR3AL. He can bring spunk into our lives with his ever enchanting virtual laser show scheduled for November and his second single off his EP titled “I am the party” scheduled for release in October.

Behind every great DJ is a wealth of clubbing, crate-digging, mix-swapping and general music. TR3AL is a rising super star who is making the best use of his talent and global platform to bring in a wave of positivity and solidarity amidst Covid-19.

Born in Santa Clara, California, on April 28, 1983, TR3AL has always been a big fan of Tiësto and watching him perform acted as an impetus to explore the world of music through his own creativity and talent.

Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s biggest EDM names, TR3AL began laying his foundation in 2017 as a DJ and Producer. TR3AL has inscribed his name as one of the most affluent DJs and a trailblazer when it comes to unique energy packed sounds, groovy beats and laser shows.

“I am the Party” is ready to hit the charts in early October followed by a terrific music video, and it’s a no brainer that the buzz and attention it would garner would break existing records. He expresses, “Nothing in life is easy. If you want something bad enough, you have to work for it.” He further added, “A bit more self belief can be all it takes to fast pace your career. Being a bit easier on yourself will make your journey more fun.” The EDM superstar is known to add drama and elements of surprise in his fan’s life. Which kind of gives us the insight that one of the best musical world tours are on the cards and the enthusiasm is going to shoot to greater heights.

He wishes his fans to enjoy this experience of a lifetime and get back to normalcy with the same enthusiasm. We can hope that TR3AL’s upcoming releases and shows would bring in a wave of positivity in turbulent times like this.

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