Do you know that you could make $1700 in a month without owning a single piece of physical property? Learn about how Brother Ben X Digital Real Estate program is transforming the lives of hundreds of students.

What if you could create an online stream of income simply by sharing interesting content on social media? Does this concept sound familiar to you? Perhaps you were put off the idea when you were told by someone that you needed millions of followers on social media in order to monetize your videos. What if this was a lie and you didn’t need millions of followers? Brother Ben X has been teaching hundreds of students online how they can monetize their social media content using the Digital Real Estate course and hundreds of students have been using his methods.

King Cam, an online self-development coach and digital entrepreneur, has changed his online experience since employing the strategies taught in the Digital Real Estate class and now earned $1700 in a single month on Facebook alone. He recounts that between the period 2011-2019 he “​wasn’t doing much on social media except posting selfies​”. However, since joining the class King Cam claims to have found “new techniques and strategies” to organically grow his social media presence and he gives credit to Brother Ben X who King Cam confirms to be “​someone who actually has the experience”​ .

For many who are still wondering how Digital Real Estate works, Brother Ben X explains that it can be likened to renting out a physical property with the exception that one does not need to actually own any physical land at all (nor does a person even have to own the content they repost online for that matter). The benefits of owning Digital Real Estate as opposed to physical real estate is that there is an unlimited supply of potential ‘renters’ and the owner of the online property does not run the risk of going into debt with a bank. To put this into context, King Cam managed to secure a monthly net income flow of $1700 whilst the average physical real estate property only has a net income flow of $250 a month.

King Cam

“I’ve been able to take my page from 3000 followers to 21k followers on Instagram and 30k on Facebook!”

No more bots and fake comments or profile ads! Using the Digital Real Estate Program King Cam no longer has to purchase his followers and has learnt to apply the strategies available on the course to help grow his page organically. His Facebook posts now have a reach of over 400,000 a week and says that Digital Real Estate has turned him from an idle consumer of content to an online influencer and provider of content. Digital Real Estate is revolutionizing our relationship to our phones and social media. Will you join the testimonials and begin making your money online with digital properties?

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