How Music Grew Hip-Hop Artist Donnie B Good’s Name and Character

Interests, passions, personal struggles, obstacles, other individuals.  All of these factors play a part in developing the course of a person’s life and the content of their character.  Houston Texas Rapper Donnie B Good is a prime example.  After a childhood filled with participation in sports and only a slight interest in music, his longtime friend Dewayne Bluiett played a large part in getting him into music fulltime.  Since the release of his debut mixtape in 2014, Donnie B Good has released five other mixtapes and anticipates the drop of his 7th at the end of 2020.

Music has a way of teaching personal lessons as well.  Donnie B spoke in an interview about how he struggled with “following through with something for the long hall … and not dedicate myself to the full grind” but the music was different.  It gave him a drive to never relent and never stop.  Much of this is due to great inspiration he draws from his fans and having people “wanting to hear what’s net and to love my music”.

Finally, Donnie has been able to create a lifestyle out of his career that includes a routine to continue his found success.  He explained this schedule of waking up, taking care of his appearance, working out, running, listening to beats, writing music, checking current events, posting on socials, networking to set up a video and photoshoots, setting monthly goals with his manager, and overall, trying to get better.

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