Katrina Antonovich shares Golden Moments with Internet Viral Lion Cub “Versace Boy”

Katrina Antonovich spotted spending quality time with her lion cub, which she has named as “Versace boy”. This baby lion is not any ordinary lion cub. This baby lion is getting viral all over the internet. Versace boy is very stylish, he loves Katrina’s luxurious stuff. Versace boy wears luxurious branded clothes like Gucci & Versace, it sleeps in Versace bed and does everything luxuriously.

Versace boy has been giving Katrina a lot of motivation as he provides Katrina a good companionship and emotional support. “Versace boy is making me very happy as I always get excited to come back home after a long day to see and cuddle him. Versace boy is very crazy and so stylish like me, he is an effective stress reliever for me and absolutely increases my social activity as I am personally feeding him and play with him”, says Katrina Antonovich. Versace boy is like Katrina’s baby. She loves to spend her quality time with a baby lion, Versace boy.

Katrina Antonovich is the Chief Designer/ CEO of Luxury Antonovich Design (One of the most Luxurious interior design companies in the world), Owner of Luxury Antonovich Home (KA Brand). She is world-renowned for her interior designing work. Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the top architecture and interior design company in local and international, it is being patronized and supported by international clients, VIP’s, Royal families, world leaders, businessmen, investors and valued customers all over the world. Her clients also love to meet Versace. Katrina is an icon for today’s youth. Being the stylish person she is, she loves to keep Versace as stylish as her. Katrina always wanted to have her own baby lion as she admires their character of being a fighter and full of courage which exactly reflects Katrina Antonovich’s personality.

Versace boy is very famous among the people around him and kids. He’s now getting viral over the internet. People love to see his pictures and his luxurious lifestyle. Katrina’s baby lion, Versace boy has indeed become her best asset. Versace boy’s strong character as a lion and Katrina’s personality indeed suits very well. Being with Versace makes Katrina feel more like a Queen as he always makes her feel secure by being a good protector.

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