Foothill Sanitary has the Cleanest Portable Restrooms & Toilets

No matter where you are or where you want to go, Foothill Sanitary can reach you easily. They have the best and cleanest portable toilets. Their service is excellent.  Even if you are on-site and want the toilet relocated, all you have to do is let the driver know. The driver will relocate the portage toilet to a more suitable place.

Foothill Sanitary’s portable bathroom Service is not just about being available. They pay attention to details and are always immaculate. Their cleaning system is highly up-to-date. Foothill Sanitary uses complete pumping out and rinsing of the tank.

Moreover, they do a roof to floor unit wash. It is scrubbed with Eco Lab disinfectant. The entire unit is then rinsed down and then towel dried. They use chemicals and disinfectants to clean the units. It is sprayed with a chemical and scrubbed, so there is never any urinal scale build up in the units.

But the Foothill portables do not smell of pungent chemicals. The company uses a variety of fragrance sprays to keep the units feeling good. The paper used in the toilets is always of high quality.

Every unit of portable toilets of Foothill Sanitary has two rolls of two-ply toilet tissue, health Guard toilet seat covers, and Foaming Hand Sanitizer. They pay special attention to service, and never compromise with quality.

Foothill Sanitary not only provides clean and portable toilets but offers a variety of portable toilets. It has a regular well-stocked unit, to units with sinks,  from Handicap or ADA units to Special Event units with solar power flushing toilets that come with an attendant. So, no matter what type of toilet units you are looking for, you can contact Foothill Sanitary to be at your service.

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