EA Home Design is turning its expertise into engaging video tutorials for brand authority

Remodeling experts EA Home Design are turning their knowledge into brand authority as the rise in video consumption brings huge rewards to savvy marketers.

Based in Virginia, EA Home Design provides a range of bespoke services and highlights its latest projects through video demos, live virtual tours and in-person at its premises. The founders of the company regularly share their expertise and use video content to reach internet users online which has enabled them to grow their business. 

Through a strategy of creating short form videos that share expert tips and insights, EA Home Design has capitalized on people’s increased use of social media platforms such as Instagram to generate awareness. And through their efforts, and video insights, they’ve been able to build a large online community in just a few short months. For the owners, social media has provided them with an avenue to generate more leads as well as brand authority as it grows its online following.

For marketers, video content can propel a brand’s online reputation and in the case of EA Home Design, the founders have brought their expertise to internet audiences which has helped them to share their latest tips and forge new client relationships.

EA Home Design Timelapse


From basement renovations to bathroom and kitchen remodeling, the company shows how it builds new interiors with the support of its team. And through video, it has been able to offer insights into how they work in a transparent way while educating its clients about home design.

With a host of glowing reviews, the company has transformed properties and designed high quality interiors for its clients and through its video tutorials, it has been able to demonstrate how it brings its vision to each project.

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