EAF Are Looking For People To Collaborate Directly With Them To Fix The Damage That Has Been Done To The Planet

The EAF is inviting worldwide people to collaborate with them directly

The EAF is an organization that wants us to work with them towards the great aim of ‘healing the world together’. Isn’t it amazing that everybody is aware of the potentially devastating effects of climate change but so little is being done? Maybe this is because our efforts seem futile, because we no longer have any faith that real change can happen.

The Greta Thunberg phenomenon has brought such issues to the fore but the actual change being implemented by people of real power is minimal. The EAF, however, is a fantastic organization that believes real change can be achieved if we come together and tackle the many practices that are causing destruction in this world.

“ The Rulers of the World. You have forgotten that Creator sees all corruption & illegal activities that Dehumanizing his children “ – the Architect of EAF LaRdas QU AsMaat. 

EAF Want Us To Stay True To The Spiritual Path We Were Intended To Follow

“The Universe and all living beings were created through the acts of the Divine Will. We are all entitled to free will and choice, to live in peace, and to be nourished by the existing natural resources while simultaneously maintaining the balance between Mother Earth and her ecosystem”. This quote was directly taken from their website. Where there is a vast amount of information that I highly recommend you read.

One of the EAFs most striking statements is that time and time again, it has been proven that we cannot place our faith in our government officials if we want to solve global problems. They even suggest that placing our faith in war and relying on the support of those in power has been detrimental to us.

For me, this is a very difficult thing to argue against. What changes have been made recently that will radically have a positive impact on the planet? I would suggest none! More cars are being made than ever, more flights are being taken, fast food businesses have never been more lucrative. Considering that we are on a road to catastrophe if we don’t do something quickly, this should alarm people.

The United World Nation

The UWN is one of the four transnational global corporations that make up the EAF.

They actively promote global naturalistic lifestyles by pushing environmental agendas for civilians through their projects specializing in water, air, pollution, and wildlife conservation. 

They put forward the case that the human body has natural resources available such as natural alkaline food and spring water, that are perfectly designed to keep our body cells healthy. They hope that mankind can return to using these natural sources more as the declining health standards throughout the last few decades should indicate that we can’t continue with how we do things now, just to give two examples, the amount of bottled water we drink as a society and the food processed from corporate forms.

The UWN also raises spiritual awareness by refocusing the ideologies of populations and shifting the life experience from that of consumerists to naturalistic individuals – a new standard of morals and ethics globally established by the UWN. We strive to educate populations on waste recycling and reusing materials first by sanitizing bottles rather than treating them as disposables.

Humans Continue To Contaminate Precious Water Resources

For a multitude of reasons, we continue to blindly disregard the environmental issues that affect our planet and look to underplay the impact of pollution.

Most consumers mindlessly mass-purchase products, benefiting low-quality production, and the use of toxic materials, resulting in tons of harmful waste. People who live in developed countries still continue to value themselves by the money they have and the possessions they buy with this money. While many people around the world have to live in conditions of extreme poverty and there are still people dying of starvation every day. 

The Goals Of The United World Nation

I think this will be a good time to clarify what these organizations are looking to achieve. They are not looking to have some form of political control, and they are certainly not interested in monetary wealth. Rather, they seek to promote the welfare of all humanity and preserve the world in a natural way. 

I will leave you with this quote from their website which summaries the ethos of these humanitarian organizations. “We want to bring our world back to its perfect equilibrium, where humans can thrive by returning to their natural-born morals and spiritual principles”.

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