How Hot Money, UK’s Number One Studio For Rap, Create Hits

Sitting alongside Patrick Osei a.k.a. Big Shot in the Hot Money Studios in South Bermondsey, it starts to become clear how this studio hidden away next to Millwall’s ground has been responsible for developing, shaping and recording some of the biggest acts on the UK urban scene.

Watching Patrick work you can see his experience as a recording artist, producer and engineer shine through – he understands artists and knows the conditions needed for success. From the temperature in the studio to recognising the recording limits of the talent in the studio, everything is tightly controlled by Patrick to bring the very best out of his sessions.

It’s obvious that Patrick’s passion for excellence is contagious, there’s a tangible creative energy in the studio that you can’t help but be swept up in.

Speaking to Patrick after watching him work with various artists throughout the day I wanted to get an insight from the man himself about his process and where he thinks the decade long success of Hot Money Studios comes from.

From the minute you walk into the studio there is a real sense of creative focus – how do you go about creating that environment?

Patrick – “I think it’s a mixture of years of experience and attention to details. When I’m working with an artist I want everything to be just right for them. I want them to focus purely on the work and not have to think about anything else. Little things like making sure the room is the right temperature, making sure they have water, refreshments and the wifi code all make a huge difference.

Managing the small details is the key to making sure your artists are relaxed and in the right frame of mind to deliver their very best.”

How long does it normally take to lay down a vocal track?

Patrick – “Obviously everyone is different but I usually need an hour to really nail a vocal performance. That’s from the time I hit record through to wrapping with the perfect take. That gives me the time to work with an artist, listen back to what we’ve got so far and to ultimately guide, develop and build their performance. There’s no point in dragging a session out, for the sake of it, you just end up burning out the artist and end up in a downward spiral. It’s a fine balancing act between pushing an artist and keeping them fresh. The more experienced the artist, the quicker the entire process”

How do you know when you’ve nailed it?

Patrick – “It all comes down to experience and trusting in your gut! When you’ve worked with as many artists as I have you know very quickly where you are aiming and when you’ve nailed it. I want every artist who works with me to reach his or her full potential.

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