Interview with Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi, a Kuwait Based Leading Dentist

Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi

Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi, a leading dentist from Kuwait is doing really a great job and he has made an immense contribution in the dental world with his efforts. He is using all his dental practices and experiences in running his own private polyclinic ‘J Polyclinic’ to offer state-of-the-art multi-medical services to patients. 

We had got an opportunity to interact with him in an interview session in which we came to know a lot about his life and his journey in the dental world. 

Thank you for finding some time to hold this interview with us. Firstly, we want to know about what was your inspiration behind becoming a dental expert?

Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi – Thank you. It’s been a great feeling to join this interview session. Well, my dentist Dr. Tariq Abu Rizk helped me get rid of many dental problems at an early age and he inspired me to pursue dentistry as my career. 

What is your motto behind offering your dental services? 

My only mission as a leading dentist is to work with passion to bring a smile on the face of the people. 

How did you start your journey into the dentistry world? 

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Oral Dental Medicine and Surgery from Misr University for Science and Technology in Egypt (MUST) in 2011. After this, I continued my dental training at the Ministry of Health in Kuwait to enhance my skills.

What Dental Services do you offer to your patients? 

I offer invisalign (New Orthodontic Technic), all cosmetic dental services (Veneers / Crowns / Lumineers), and pedodontics treatments to my patients. 

What passion do you have in life other than providing dental health services?

I am a certified fitness trainer. 

Well, it was nice talking to you. What dental tips would you like to share with readers. 

Brush teeth 3 times a day, use dental floss, visit the dentist every 6 months, and avoid eating unhealthy food. 

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