News Shots: A new app trying to change the way we Consume News

Every day new sensational stories and storytelling methods catch your attention until it leads to information overload. You read hundreds of stories from the beginning of this year but has any story piqued your interest so much that it was glued down your memory?

News making gets bulkier every second as the ever-expanding sector of providing information from around the globe can be copious. Time is trivial and news is transforming faster than ever.

But nowadays stories are told with a dash of illusive opinion by news outlets propagating judgments. Traditional media is withering away abstaining to keep their new audience hooked, who have switched to the better means of digital tools.

Newspaper frown young hearts who are busy using acronyms and television screen strain audiences who are prone to bask in the comfort of smaller translucent screens.

The future of journalism has changed as a massive switch of a screen touch has impelled new practices of storytelling. Top digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have their way around distributing news but it is not as merry as it seems. Facebook is still being drilled for its inaction to fact check, curbing hate speech, and spewing political agenda on users. Google is attacked from time to time for its unwillingness to look into data privacy upshots and

providing a controversial segment of paid news as well as fake news. By the time you scoop the most important news of the day, it might still be just a drop of an ocean that you appeared to sail through.

Americans are flustered for change and every year give thumbs down to authenticity and trust in news media.

The perusal of reading news appears to be fragmented with doubt and eschewing progress that has paved the way for experimenting with new ways of news making.

With the vision of making people aware and informed and not just entertained, News Shots aims to give you the larger and best part of the news pie.

Their app is designed to cram down all the essential news stories circulating the world, can be read in a few minutes. It has summarized news in just 60 words without any bias or opinion, and encourage free thought.

They refrain from spamming you from any click baits and practice toning down the information overload. Bringing you the best pieces of news coverage spanning from technology, health, travel, sports, environment, etc.

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