Jack Zuckowsky Exceeds Expectations With Social Summit

Customer service is a lot more than sitting at a cubicle and talking on the phone. For Social Summit’s Jack Zuckowsky, good customer service means working with clients to exceed their expectations. By using completely transparent strategies and genuine organic growth, Social Summit forms a trusting relationship with its clients. When people come to the company with dreams of large, active presences on social media, Zuckowsky thrives on making it happen.

By helping a client reach their peak potential within a specific niche, Social Summit ensures an active and engaging community on social media accounts. They even guarantee thousands of new followers in only a few months by using the lowest level of their service. Of course, that’s just the minimum. Zuckowsky himself tried the same strategies used for clients and grew his personal account by over 100 thousand followers in under four months.

Social Summit has plenty of success stories; 20 million new followers for clients on Instagram and TikTok, public positive testimonials, and a Netflix casting for “Daybreak” star Greg Kasyan are only a few of them. There’s no doubt that Social Summit gets the job done, and even more impressively, can do it consistently well and with glowing praise from past clients.

You can find Jack Zuckowsky on Instagram here:

And check out Social Summit at

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