Misael Guerrero is Bringing Sinaloan Flavor to the US With CulichiTown

12 years ago, Misael Guerrero moved to California from his hometown of Culiacan in Sinaloa, Mexico. Growing up in Sinaloa, Misael was surrounded by food, working, and cooking in his parents’ restaurants and grocery stores. With his new life in the United States, Misael wanted to bring a taste of Sinaloa to California.

Misael started small, first selling tamales outside of a swap meet. Eventually, Misael would come to realize that a popular dish in Sinaloa, Mexican-style sushi, was nowhere to be found in California. Misael decided to capitalize on the opportunity to bring the dish to America. Misael began to sell Mexican sushi from his garage and quickly grew in popularity. Misael heard the news of a recently-closed restaurant and moved into the property to expand his ever-growing sushi business. This first restaurant would be the beginning of Misael’s CulichiTown empire.

Since CulichiTown’s opening weekend, the restaurant has seen incredible success, bringing the flavor of his home to the masses. Now with 15 locations and more planned for the future, CulichiTown continues to be a massive success for this entrepreneur. CulichiTown orders ingredients straight from Sinaloa and emphasizes traditional training for staff to ensure that the food has 100% authentic flavor. The business continues to grow, and things are looking bright for Misael Guererro and CulichiTown.

You can find Misael Guerrero on Instagram here:

You can visit CulichiTown’s website here:
You can find CulichiTown on Instagram here:

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