Researchers Claim that UV-C Sanitizers can Effectively Clean Items

The coronavirus pandemic has made us more aware of cleanliness. People are keen on not only washing their hands but are also keen on cleaning their items. Our mobile phones are 18 times dirtier than the public toilet.

It is because we frequently touch surfaces, carry germs, and touch our phones. But we seldom clean it. That’s why phones must be cleaned from time to time.

Researchers say that UV-C sanitizers are effective in cleaning items. These sanitizers use the UV-C light spectrum because it can kill the germs. It inhibits the growth of microorganisms by destroying the DNA and RNA of viruses.

Here are some of the UV-C sanitizers that can help you sanitize your devices. Casetify’s UV Sanitizer is one of the best in the market, which kills 99.9% of the germs. The bulbs inside the sanitizer can work up to 10,000 times, so it is a long term sanitizer.

Lexon Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner, like Casetify’s sanitizer, can clean the phone as well as charge the phone at the same time. However, it takes longer to clean the phone.

PhoneSoap 3 Sanitizer can clean the phone within 10 minutes. As compared to other sanitizers, it is thinner. One needs to remove the phone cover before putting it inside the sanitizer.

Steri Wand Sanitizing Light is like a wand that cleans off the germs fast. It takes only 20 seconds to sanitize the surface. It is a great option when you are on the go or traveling.

Other than phones, there are plenty of devices that need sterilization. Munchkin Portable Electric UV Sanitizer can sanitize pacifiers and bottle nipples, that’s why it’s a helpful tool for all the mommies.

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