Mobile Gaming has Got a Big Boost Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

A global survey has highlighted that the popularity of mobile gaming has seen a big increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is noted that a lot of people are spending their time playing various online games on their smartphones and it has given a boost to the mobile gaming market.

Since the outside options of entertainment are not open due to COVID-19, people are enrolling themselves in indoor entertainment options. Moreover, the situation of joblessness has led to the popularity of games that allow people to earn money.

According to the data available, it is observed that the weekly mobile downloads took a big hike in the first quarter and it reached 1.2 billion downloads till April 11. In the month of March, users downloaded 35% more mobile games every week in comparison to January month. And this number stood at 30% for April month.

It is expected that spending in the world of mobile gaming in 2020 will be over 2.8 times over PC gaming and 3.1 times over home game consoles. This will increase the revenue of the gaming companies to a great extent and more new options in mobile gaming will be available to people to entertain themselves to the fullest.

The popularity of Aircoins, a gaming app is increasing for it offers players a lot of fun like Pokemon Go. And it also makes it possible for everyone to earn cryptocurrency by simply downloading Aircoins. One can easily learn about different cryptocurrency projects in the space. And the company has merged cryptocurrency with mobile gaming, AR, and digital advertising to help gain rewards as well as digital assets. Aircoins is available on Google Play and App Store to download it.

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