Benjamin Herzog all set to make his debut on YouTube during the Lockdown. !

Content creators are making the most of their time during the lockdown by creating unique content for the users. In the era of smartphones and the internet, content creation has seen tremendous growth with YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. The arrival of apps like TikTok has also seen a rise of influencers. Even entrepreneurs and businessmen are hooked to this new-age culture of creating viral content on the internet. Benjamin Herzog, a well-known name is all set to make his debut on YouTube. The 23-year old entrepreneur is currently creating content for business, lifestyle, and relatable content for the families.

The Austrian entrepreneur has over the years invested in many businesses and has got his stakes in various startups. To name a few companies, where he made investments and got healthy returns to include Avintex GmbH, Viva Payment Solutions, PhoneX Pay (Transfera), and EXW Wallet. This year Herzog was all set to establish his real estate company and launch his own luxury fashion brand ‘Understatement’. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, his plans are postponed for 2021 until things don’t get back to normal. “There’s no point of investing and starting any business at this point when the financial markets are unstable”, said Benjamin.

Taking inspiration from the influencers, Herzog is all set to launch his own YouTube channel soon. Speaking about it, he said, “I am currently collating all the content which I can include in my videos. Business ideas, tips, and how to make smart investments are a few topics on which I will create videos. To keep a balance, I will also share stories about my lifestyle. The content I believe should be informative by which people can learn something. I am really excited about it.” Just like his businesses, it seems that his journey as a content creator will also be a true success story.

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