Brands should opt for Legitimate Options to get Customer Reviews on Amazon

A brand can have reviews and better customer ratings without having to stoop low to having fake reviews for the products. Brand managers have suggested effective methods one can use to generate more reviews without violating Amazon’s policies as violation of policy will only lead to suspension or banning of the product on the site which none of the brand wants.

Brands can opt for the Early Reviewer Program sanctioned by Amazon to legitimately pay for reviews. Through this program the brand can acquire honest reviews at the start of sale of new products. This program is initiated so that new brands can gain traction against established competition.

There can be more sales and reviews if a product mentions all the details of the product from manufacturing, ingredients to ‘how to use’ and have product inserts in packaging so that they establish trust with customers. Customers are bound to choose and review such products where the brand has taken the initiative to present everything about the product clearly.

Brands need to thank the customers whenever they leave a review to build a relation with the customer of lifetime value. One can also give customers discounts for future purchases in this way they can buy the product again and are more likely to leave a review.

There are certain programs and coupon sites like Vipon that are within Amazon’s TOS for getting reviews. Brands can use this as an opportunity by giving heavy discounts to customers thus increasing the chances of receiving Amazon reviews. These services suggests the customers to leave a review so the customers are likely to do so with the discounts and review suggestion.

Brands can also have automated emails sent to the customers after they make a purchase to ask for review or send a small discount coupon to initiate future purchase. Encouraging the customer to leave a review in the form of filling feedback form also makes sure they write a review of the product.

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