6 Ways Dogs Can Help Your Body and Mind

Dogs don’t just make fantastic loving family companions; they can be good for your health too. Studies have shown that your furry friends could help with both physical and mental health and have positive impacts on your life as a whole. Professor of Psychology at Miami University, Allen R McConnell, previously said that pet owners, on average, were better off than non-pet owners, especially when they have a strong relationship with their pets.

Getting connected to your pets is great for your health, so what is it that they help with? Take a look below:

Reducing stress

Stroking your dog is said to help reduce stress. The calming effect you get when you’re petting your pooch can lower your blood pressure and helps to release the happy chemicals and relaxation hormone. Petting your dog is not only good for your stress levels; it also calms your pet.

Healthier heart

According to research, dog owners are less likely to get heart disease as people that own dogs have a lower blood pressure compared to those who don’t.

Building connections

Dogs have a unique way of bringing people together. How many times have you taken a walk down the street with your furry friend and been greeted with a smile, hello, or even a chat? Probably quite a few! Many people wouldn’t talk to a stranger randomly. However, if they have a dog, people are more likely to say hi or even talk to people they don’t know. In reality, your dog is helping to widen your social circle without knowing it. Dogs are naturally social animals, and owners tend to feed off this energy when they’re out and about.

Keeps you active

More people are becoming less active in everyday life, but if you have a dog, there’s no excuse to avoid going for a walk. Even if you go out once a day for a stroll, it gets you out of the house and active for an hour or so. You could also use this time to play and interact with your dog. Why not get some healthy treats from and help them learn commands and games while rewarding them in a healthy and fun way.

Boost immune system

Families that own dogs are said to have a boost to their immune system. Studies have shown that dog owners are not as prone to allergies and have fewer colds. Plus, if you have young children or babies, this can help build their immune system.

Better mood

Much like the way dogs help to reduce stress levels, they can also improve your mood. Who doesn’t love that waggy tail greeting you as you walk through the door or a snuggle on the sofa watching your favorite movie? These little moments can help boost your mood even if you’ve had a tough day.

There are tons of reasons why dogs make the best family pets, and these are just some of the ways they can benefit you and your family.

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