Sewing as a Hobby is in Great Demand During Lockdown

Pinterest has seen a surge of searches for ‘easy hand sewing projects for beginners’ in the middle of March. They have seen 738% rise within just 2 weeks. During the pandemic and lockdown, people have taken up many hobbies and interests. Sewing, a practical skill, has found many takers.

People have been searching for many machine embroidery designs online, and also looking for how to embroider jeans by hand (nearly 600%) and modern cross stitch patterns (213%). There are many who need to know how to hem the bottom of a frayed pair of jeans or stitch up a hole of a T-shirt. Those who are interested in sewing they need to have the basics like pins, needles, scissors with them. These are essential sewing supplies.

Catherine Petrosino, the owner of Brooklyn Stitchery, takes sewing classes and advises that beginners should have a good pair of dressmaking scissors for fabric cutting, a tape measure, a seam ripper, and either tailor’s chalk or a marking pencil. The scissors are of specific importance. One cannot use the office scissors rather should have scissors specifically designed for sewing.

Petrosino suggests to buy sewing product specifically the scissors from a brand called Gingher that has been making scissors since 1947. Then a good tape measure (Gingher is a good brand to own) to measure flat and round surfaces is necessary. It will help get the body measurements well because a regular tape measure can’t really bend. So opt for one that is meant specifically to measure body or curves.

The sewing kit should also have a seam ripper to remove stitches and replace buttons and a chalk. To be more precise a tailor’s chalk with a triangle shape that’s easy to hold and mark the cloth. One can also opt for a pen that has disappearing ink If you prefer a pen. To keep all the material in place one can store it in a clear box with dividers so that things are visible from outside and it is easier to find the product easily while sewing.

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