E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Expert, Khaled Belkeram, has Come Up with his New Book “The Genius E-Commerce Mindset”

Khaled Belkeram, an e-commerce and digital marketing expert, has come up with a new book titled “The Genius E-Commerce Mindset”. In this book, Khaled has unveiled the secrets of success that one should focus on improving the online presence of one’s eCommerce business.

Born in the small Algerian town of Cheria, near the Tunisian border, Khaled Belkeram attended the university, USTHB that is located near the capital city of Algiers. After that, he moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2012, and continued his studies at the University of Chicago.

Khaled has got deep knowledge about digital marketing, web development, and e-commerce due to which he is providing his excellent services on this subject. He had to start from scratch as a coffee barista in Chicago and currently, he is the CEO and founder of 10+ million online eCommerce companies.

Apart from managing his own online businesses, the online entrepreneur is helping many online businesses in scaling new heights in the eCommerce world. In addition to this, he is working with many organizations on various important issues to spread peace in the world.

Khaled Belkeram has got a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the e-Commerce world. It is the reason behind his contribution to the success of many e-commerce businesses. In his book, “The Genius E-Commerce Mindset“, he has shared important tools, mindset strategies, advice, and stories related to running a successful online business.

In addition to this, he has enlisted the best ways to make money in the online world using the best digital marketing tools. Khaled Belkeram has done marketing for big companies such as Ford and American Airlines.

He also shares his e-commerce experience on his youtube channel and his social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One can click on the below-mentioned links to contact him on different social media platforms.

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