Beyond Gaming: how Real-Life Applications put Virtual Reality and Zadar Ventures Ltd. into the Spotlight

Virtual reality has helped us find a way to get around the challenges of doing almost everything remotely. Zadar Ventures Ltd. (TSXV: ZAD, OTC: ZADDF) acquisition target, XRApplied, a company with tailored VR solutions for those operating in a post-COVID-19 world, has the necessary tools and platforms at a time when everyone is adjusting to work-from-home arrangements and social distancing.

In the context in which we live today, it has been proven that there are jobs that can continue to be done through remote work. The reality is that we must adapt or reinvent ourselves to survive in a world without physical contact. No one understands this better than Zadar Ventures Ltd. (TSXV: ZAD, OTC: ZADDF) acquisition target XRApplied, who currently provides businesses and professionals from various industries with the tools to respond to the challenges and opportunities of this transformation.

When the quarantines started all over the world, not all of us were yet aware of everything that the coronavirus pandemic would bring. We thought it would be fun to give friends and family a tour around our home via video calls, that it’s a novel idea to have today’s office in the kitchen, and tomorrow in the living room. We log on to conference chats and hold virtual happy hours.

As the days and months drag on though, it became clearer that this will become the new normal. So many things from our daily lives that we have taken for granted—having daily walks, going out and doing errands, having a little window shopping before grabbing a quick bite al fresco—now they are sorely missed. Life in the time of COVID-19 means everything will be remote and isolated, and yes, it feels daunting and alienating.

Humanizing the digital world

But it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. XRApplied, who offers solutions that cover virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR), believes that there is so much promise in embracing newer technologies in order to make our lives easier yet more meaningful.

1. Finding companionship in toys

It is no secret that the younger generation are more attached to computer screens than physical toys. But rather than vilify gadgets, it should be looked at as an opportunity by toy companies to shift their strategy in order to survive the next decade or so. Things are moving so fast and so progressively, the kids today are already born during the era of the internet, and have never known a world without it. 

AR is a great way to connect with a younger audience while remaining relevant to a bigger market. Toy companies can create an app that makes use of AR, which will serve as a complement to the actual object, thereby giving children both a physical and digital experience as they play with their toys and also picture them in different scenarios. Both the toy and the AR app can also be a gateway towards more educational activities, engaging the user through learning activities while having fun.

2. A more interesting way to shop

Brands have mastered the art of capturing consumers’ attention through expensive advertising and marketing. Extended reality (XR) though, promises to transform all that through digital catalogs that can be viewed and sold all over the world—all without printing a single page.

Imagine the customer being able to view all of your business’ products instantly just by tapping on their phone—there’s no need for a mass mail delivery service, wondering if your target audience were informed about your latest sales. Through an XR-powered digital catalog, you are also able to draw insights from the data collected of customers interacting with your catalog.

3. Visualizing your dream home

Anyone building and designing their house knows that the challenge lies in being able to merge the design ideas in your head with the actual, physical space before you. We’ve all been there, standing in an empty room, wondering if that wall color will work with that couch in the corner, or if that big door looks right in that entryway.

This is where XR becomes a life-saver. Imagine using the camera on your phone and having access to actual designs, which you can then overlay on the space to see how things look like in real-time—could anything be more exciting?

4. Say goodbye to boring real estate

Selling a property can also be given a boost by AR and VR. If you want to engage more potential buyers, you can use the technology to bring existing floor plans to life. Virtual tours will enable anyone interested to view a space from room to room, creating an immersive experience as if they are actually standing there.

Integrating VR in a post-COVID-19 world

There is no doubt that these possibilities in the digital world—whether for generating new activities, experiences or jobs—are abundant and promising. While the global pandemic won’t be resolved anytime soon, there are opportunities available to us to ensure that we keep on moving and thriving.

From the safety of our homes, we can work, create, and consume digitally more than ever in the history of the modern world. It is very likely that we will continue to do this for a long time to come. Disruptive technologies like VR are a great help to private individuals and entrepreneurs alike—the key is knowing how to acclimatize ourselves to such platforms.

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