Most of the International Students are Unable to Enter New Zealand this Year

Nearly every country is practicing the COVID-19 lockdown. While New Zealand may have the disease contained, there is still the issue of social distancing. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has decided to ease the lockdown.

Schools and educational institutions can open up with restrictions in place. However, due to the current situation, New Zealand is not permitting international students to enter the country.

Last year, 6000 International students received the VISA in April. But this year only 75 international students were allowed inside the country and study in New Zealand. The government is placing the safety of the country’s citizens over everything. That’s why only residents and citizens of the country are allowed to come in through the borders.

However, the Prime Minister also proposed that if the educational institutions come up with a model to keep students safe and restrict the disease, then students may be allowed to come in.

If an educational institution is open, then it may close down when the COVID-19 threat appears. Moreover, if someone is tested posted inside the campus, the campus must be shit down for 14 days and there must be contact tracing.

New Zealand is now on Alert 2. It means the disease is contained, but there is still the risk of community transmission. Alert 2 affects all the schools and universities in New Zealand. It means lectures or gatherings with more than 100 people aren’t allowed. And on-campus activities will require physical distancing.

New Zealand has handled the COVID-19 threat particularly well. The citizens have been supportive as well. International students who are away from their universities can now continue remote learning.

When the government creates the COVID-19 model for educational institutions, it may let in international students again. Until then the borders of New Zealand remain closed for international students for the safety of the residents.

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