Extend a Space is Providing the Best House Extensions in London

No matter how long you have lived in a house, at some point in time, you run out of space. People want to extend their houses and make some space available. It may be because the number of family members has increased, or there are more things at home now.

No matter the reason, home extensions can be tricky and expensive. But Extend a Space is the best house extension company in London. It realizes that people have need. They don’t just extend a house, but they also spruce it up. It adds value to the property.

In London, terraced houses often have less space. Extend a Space that can even take these properties and make it spacious. Their expertise lies in the kitchen extensions. The kitchen is the most underrated area in the house.

Over the last 50 years, housing patterns have changed drastically. The company provides the much-needed extension a kitchen needs. Other than that, they also provide loft extensions, garden rooms, and general home extensions.

The reason why they are so popular in London is that all their extensions are bespoke. They do not provide a generic solution. But they build every house extension idea from the ground up.

Another reason why Extend a Space is the best choice in London is because they provide people with a dedicated project manager. The manager will be available throughout the planning and building phases to answer any questions of the clients.

Moreover, the company provides a 10-year warranty. That’s an extended guarantee for extended space. If anything goes wrong with the area built, they guarantee to fix it up right away.

So anyone who has got to create some free space or kitchen extensions can contacts Extend a Space in times of need.

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