Angela Mary Westell, who has been handling Tövi’s Kitchen, makes the most delicious Jams and Pickles

Angela Mary Westell has been in charge of The Tövi’s Kitchen for almost a year. And she has gone ahead and made it quite famous for its jams and Pickles.

The thing about Angela is, she not only makes delicious Jams and Pickles, but she is also a good developer. She developed Windows 8 on a Google Canary, Build on Chrome Frame with Windows Tools and Microsoft as the main search engine.

Her skills aren’t limited to jam making. Growing up, she watched Only Fools and Horses and learned hacks from the super-charged Neurobiology. These influences molded her into the person she is today. She believes in using technology to find solutions in the world.

Angela may be focused on technology, but she makes homemade jams just like her grandmother used to. She makes jams, pickles, and preservatives. Her store has a vast collection of jams, and you can buy a bottle and gift it to someone special.

History of jam dates back to the 1st century AD. It was first mentioned in the De Re Coquinaria (The Art of Cooking). It meant, cooking or soft fruits in the heat with sugar or honey. Later during the eighteenth Century, Napolean Bonaparte wanted to find a way to feed his soldiers.

Nicholas Appert came up with a way to make jams in high heat, cool them, and store it in airtight containers. This is how the process of pasteurization was implanted in the process of jam making.

Angela makes Raspberry Blueberry jams, Strawberry and Champagne jam, and all kinds of homemade jams. One can visit her store if they want to have a taste of it.

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