Beauty Care Regime of Frontline Health Workers has Changed after the COVID-19

We have to thank the frontline workers who have sacrificed their time and health for humanity. They are working day and night, taking care of patients and putting their lives on the line.

There is no vaccine for the coronavirus. It means the health care workers are risking their lives trying to save others. Amidst this dangerous situation, these workers are finding a moment of peace in their beauty care regime.

Their skincare regime has changed, their make up has changed, and even their shampoos have changed. Health care workers have to wear masks for an extended period of time.

They are asked not to put any base makeup because it will contaminate the mask. Later the mask can’t be sterilized. There is no point in wearing lipstick and makeup because half of the face is hidden.

One of the nurses, Christine from Delaware, said that she now focuses more on her eye makeup. She said she wants the patients to look into her eyes and see hope, not tiredness.

Staying in hospitals for so long can lead to bad body odor. That’s why many nurses are switching to soap and body care, as well as deodorants like Lume Deodorant that last long. Lume Deodorant is an aluminum-free, hypoallergenic, baking soda free deodorant that stays for 72 hours.

Healthcare workers are also tired of washing their hair. It is leading to dry and rough hair. That’s why they are using mild shampoos. They even have to get rid of their well-manicured nails. Nail polish gels and acrylics have been forbidden, so many are using nail polish strips.

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