Maxx Paradox is Building a Solid Fan Base with Relatable Music

Max Paradox has recently come into the music scene, and is already seeing quite a bit of success. Growing his fan base to over 45,000, Maxx has been able to craft mass-appealing music seemingly effortlessly. Maxx has taken inspiration from Juice WRLD and Lil Peep, creating a sound unique to him yet refreshingly familiar.

Maxx Paradox’s lyrical content revolves a lot around his life story and shedding light on how mental health took a toll on him throughout his journey. He hopes to be able to positively impact people through his music, whether it’s helping them through a rough time or just giving them an outlet to escape and get lost in music.

Max Paradox’s latest project in the works, his EP “Lost”, is set to come out this summer, and promises to be more relatable and emotional than ever. Maxx told us that the musical content on the EP will unveil a side of him that he hasn’t let many people see before, giving us a glimpse at his mental struggles and past relationships. Maxx will definitely be an artist to keep an eye on in these coming months.

Listen to Maxx Paradox here:

Find Maxx Paradox on Instagram here:

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