Andreas Vezonik – standing out Best from the Rest

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made; made from passion, purpose & perseverance. 

Over 90% of the startups globally, fail. And only a small percentage of those that survive, actually thrive. 

What then separates the best from the rest? The fate of a young startup in largely dependant on the strength of its leadership, the entrepreneur in charge. He/she is the captain that guides the ship through the unknown deep seas of changing markets, demanding customers & cut-throat competition. 

The role is one which only a few can take up and do justice to. One such example of exemplary leadership is Andreas Vezonik. 

One of the cornerstones of an effective entrepreneur is his/her internal drive – one that comes from within, is independent of circumstantial situations and undeterred by obstacles. Andreas embodies this key cornerstone to perfection. It’s therefore not surprising that he has accomplished mountains in the time people take to decide their next steps in life. 

At just 23, Andreas has already launched 2 multi-national corporations that serve over 15000 customers across 35 countries. Both, VolumeX his first and Transfera, his second, operate in the financial services domain and are poised to challenge the bigwigs of the European markets. Their success stems from the clarity of leadership vision that Andreas possesses. This has not only helped create a clear path to success but also a differentiated positioning in a cluttered, highly-competitive market. 

Innovation is the mother of change; change in turn leads to growth. Channelising his innovative thinking process, Andreas is strategically building Transfera to become the preferred choice of the customer by offering an integrated one-stop-solution, that offers flexibility, simplicity and reliability. 

There is an old saying – the proof ultimately lies in the pudding. It is finally down to execution. In a short span, VolumeX and Transfera have made their mark in Europe and are well-positioned to go global. Creating a customer experience above par, they are meticulously executing their strategies in an ever-changing market scenario and are on-target to hit the 1million customer mark by 2022.

Entrepreneurship is a mindset. The mindset of a winner. No matter how clear the vision, how innovative the product, how effective the execution, the one thing that is sacrosanct is that things do go wrong! When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Andreas, just like all great Entrepreneurs, has to ability to approach obstacles as challenges and failures as opportunities for learning. This has helped him fast-track his journey, wherein he’s transformed from a young 17 year-old to an enviable 23-year old. Like all great entrepreneurs, he’s taken his learnings from every venture and applied them to the next, thus building unstoppable momentum and a steep growth trajectory.

Watching Andreas take his entrepreneurial journey is like watching a rocket launch – well-prepared, on a mission that is crystal clear, a purpose that’s larger than life, building speed as it moves up further – focused, fearless, unstoppable.

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